September 1987
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Bucky Adams History

Born in April of 1937, Charles Richomond 'Bucky' Adams began playing music at 11 years of age as a bugler with the Sea Cadets Band.

It was a logical choice for the one of the youngest members of the Adams clan, for his family had, already at that time, a long history in music and entertainment field.

Different Jobs
Through the years there have been many different jobs that 'Bucky' has had to do in order to maintain himself and continue playing.

In the 50's and 60's the hot place for playing jazz was 777 Barrington Street.  This was sustained because, at the time, swing and all thing jazz were a hot commodity.

'Canadian Express'
In the late 70's, his career hit a high with him making regular appearances on television's 'Canadian Express', and at the same time he and the Basin Street Band were the house band at Privateers Warehouse.

Unfortunately his time in the public eye was not to last all that long, for the television show was cancelled and soon after that Privateer's Warehouse fired him as their band.

Travelling Around
He like many other musicians who decided to continue playing their own form of music, what Bucky calls, 'totally unoffensive music', left the Maritimes to seek a playing audience elsewhere.

After spending some time in the hot spots of the United States, he decided to return home.  "The way of life is too fast....You would have to be on drugs to keep up with it and they're not up with it and they're not for me', says Bucky of the life that he chose not call his own.

Other Performers
Over the years, Bucky has performed with a number of well-known artists including the likes of Dizzy Gilespie, Oscar Peterson and B.B. King.

As of late he has been practicing in the hopes of again 'finding a home for my music'.  He recently played a week at Pepe's and is hopeful that it will become the home that he is looking for.

As always he is thankful to his family and especially to his wife for the support they have given him throughout the years.