Saturday, November 7, 1998
The Daily News
Pat Connolly


Jazzman Adams a true pioneer

Talent and perseverance have served him well

    ALL HAIL to Jamie Sparks, Four the Moment, Ed Matawawana's Afro-Musica, The Gospel Heirs, and the Nova Scotia Mass Choir as well as all the other great black artists honoured by the African Nova Scotian Music Association in special ceremonies this week.  But if those of an age can be excused for a moment, there ought to be an asterisk beside the name of Bucky Adams, chosen as recipient of the ANSMA's Pioneer Award.

    The living legend has been around seemingly forever -- the quintessential black presence in a provincial music industry that wasn't always as entirely receptive as it sometimes pretended to be.  Claims to the contrary would be something less than the embarrassing truth.  But Bucky soldiered through those pioneer years with his trademark class, dignity and sheer talent to earn the respect and affection of people in all walks of society.

    Adams carried the torch proudly, and from the sounds of his horn of late, the skills remain intact and scarcely ready to pass from failing lips.

    Bravo Bucky, for blazing the trail to development of the African Nova Scotian Music Association.